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The goal of the tempo run is to train the body to run more efficiently by running at a sustainable, yet mildly uncomfortable pace, known as anaerobic threshold (AT).  This is done at an intensity that is immediately below where the body can no longer clear lactate.  There are many ways to measure this, but using a heart-rate monitor is probably the best.  Try to stay around 90% of your max for the entire duration of the tempo portion.  If you go much higher, it becomes difficult to recover and over-training can be the result. 


Typical Workouts


Colorado Springs is home to lots of hills and mountains.  For the runner who wants to improve his or her strength and conditioning, this is a good thing.  We’ll typically warm up for 15-20 minutes on a beautiful trail, then we’ll head over to steep hill for the workout component of the run.  Repeats will typically range from 45 seconds to as long as six minutes.  For shorter duration hill repeats, we’ll do anywhere from 10-16 of them.  For those longer duration hills, we’ll do anywhere from 4-6.  Bottom line is, by incorporating these workouts, the runners build stronger leg muscles, learn to climb more efficiently with quicker turnover, develop cardiovascular strength, and most importantly, build mental toughness.


No question about it, the track is a great place to build speed, develop better running efficiency, and measure your progress toward your running goals.  The only problem is, the dreaded oval can be excruciatingly boring.  That’s where the group dynamic comes in.  Many of the runners have commented how they would never do track workouts on their own, but with the group, they actually enjoy them.  The goal of VO2 max workouts is to develop pure speed by going out hard and holding the pace, focusing on turnover and efficiency.  Cruise intervals are typically done at a slightly slower pace: at anaerobic threshold, like a tempo run, only measured on the track.  Never done a track workout before?  Not to worry.  Most of our runners had never done one either until coming out for our morning workouts.  We typically have a pace wheel to help you dial in your ideal goal pace.

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Part of the group prepares for the final hill repeat of the workout, from the base of Barr Trail, where pavement turns to trail.